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I wonder how many people, as I did, found themselves thrown into confusion by the death last week of Jean Ichbiah (pictured), inventor of Ada.  Learning that the inventor of a computer programming language is already old enough to have lived 66 years (Ichbiah was 66 when he succumbed to brain cancer) is a little like learning that your 11-year-old daughter has grown up and left home or that the first car you ever bought no longer is legal because it runs on gasoline in an age where all automobiles must run on water. How can something as novel, as new, as a computing language possibly already be so old-fangled that an early practitioner like Ichbiah can already no longer be with us? The thought was so disquieting that it took me immediately back to the last time I wrote about Ichbiah, and indeed about Ada Lovelace for whom his language was named. It was in the context ... (more)

PR Is Dead...Long Live PR

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” - a quote attributed to Mark Twain but apropos for today’s PR industry. I’ve seen several pieces of late, written by journalists and bloggers who appear rushed to sound the death knell over public relations. “New media and Web 2.0 changed the game,” they say, “and make public relations obsolete.” Fact is - public relations expertise is more relevant, more important today than ever before. Search engine marketing, social network marketing, Web 2.0 applications and the like have all served to increase - not decrease - the value and demand for high-quality public relations. Doomsayers don’t get it. They think PR is all about writing a press release or getting a story in a magazine. Now that print media is in decline, they say PR is on it’s way out as well. They never understood that press releases and published artic... (more)

MDC Partners Invests in Social Media Agency

MDC Partners announced today its investment in Attention Partners LLC, a social media and marketing communications agency based in New York. Attention is differentiated by its data-driven approach to earning media. Its services encompass measurement, consulting, engagement, and community development. Managing more than 100 social communities for some of the most recognized brands in beauty and fashion, media and entertainment, technology, luxury and consumer, the agency excels at integrating social media across all aspects of its clients' businesses. "The brand building pendulum continues to shift from persuasion, typically driven by traditional media, to influence from trusted sources," said Miles Nadal , Chairman and CEO, MDC Partners. "Social media is a powerful vehicle for consumers to emotionally engage their favorite brands. We must stimulate more intimate int... (more)

FCC forces Ham radio operators to use Windows

Early in January, I sent e-mail to each of the four FCC commissioners: Michael Powell, Kathleen Abernathy, Michael Copps, and Kevin Martin. Their names are displayed prominently on the FCC homepage (see Resources for the URL) so it seemed completely natural and fitting that I contact them about a problem on the FCC Web site. My complaint was that certain functionality on the site is not available to me because I use Linux instead of Windows. I never received a response from any commissioner. I first became aware of the problem last year when a friend of mine, a lawyer and Linux aficionado, sent me a copy of a letter he had mailed to FCC Chairman Michael Powell. The letter asked that the FCC stop the "wholly unnecessary and entirely unconscionable" practice of providing online license renewals for amateur radio licenses only to users of Windows. Like me, my friend ne... (more)

IBM and SGI Both 'Stowellized' in Latest Open Letter

[Writing to the San Francisco correspondent of the UK-based Web site The Register, SCO's indefatigable Director of Public Relations tells him he thinks SGI, and IBM before it, do not have a tenable position when claiming their Unix licenses to be "irrevocable."] To: Subject: Why do these guys keep calling the license irrevocable? I have read over SGI’s licenses and I’ve found no place where it says it is irrevocable. Why would anyone in their right mind sign over a license to anyone that was not revocable? “Congratulations sir, I know you were speeding and drunk at the wheel, weaving in and out of your lane, but lucky for you, you had one of these drivers’ licenses that is irrevocable. Have a nice day.” There is no such thing as an irrevocable license. You have to abide by the statutes of a license or it can be revoked. You can’t take code based on a license you sign... (more)

Web Services as the Holy Grail?

In order for companies to benefit from the strategic value of information technology, there needs to be much closer alignment between IT and the business side. So far, these two counterparts have had a difficult time seeing eye to eye. The problem is that despite earnest intentions by both to work together, the application integration tools that IT has had to work with have been cumbersome. This has resulted in too many projects being delivered late and over budget and has caused the business side to stop expecting IT to deliver what it needs when it needs it. Integration is the bugaboo. Organizations are taking an enterprise-level look at their applications and this means integrating and sharing data between applications is a requirement in many projects. Gartner Dataquest predicts spending on integration projects will reach a staggering $10.6 billion in 2006. So... (more)

Anbieter von drahtlosen Produkten und Speicherchips glänzen 2004

EL SEGUNDO, Kalifornien, March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Führende Hersteller von Halbleitern, die Speicher- und drahtlose Geräte anbieten, haben im Jahr 2004 laut der endgültigen jährlichen Rangliste der Halbleiteranbieter im Competitive Landscaping Tool (CLT) der iSuppli Corp. andere Firmen, die sich auf sonstige Produkte konzentrieren, weit hinter sich gelassen. Führende Halbleiteranbieter, die einen grossen oder den grössten Teil ihrer Einkünfte aus Umsätzen mit Speicherchips erwirtschaften, darunter Samsung, Infineon, AMD/Spansion und Hynix, konnten 2004 ihre Einkünfte um zwischen 29,1 und 58 Prozent steigern. Andere Anbieter, darunter Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Philips Semiconductors, Freescale Semiconductor, Qualcomm, Analog Devices und Sharp Electronics, konnten ihre Einkünfte aufgrund ihres Engagements im drahtlosen Markt stark steigern. Absät... (more)

SOYO Group and GUS Networks Partner to Bring VoIP Service to Small Business and Enterprise Markets

ONTARIO, Calif., April 6 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- SOYO(R) Group, Inc., (BULLETIN BOARD: SOYO) , a leading provider of computer motherboards, computer peripheral devices, and consumer electronics, today announced that its entire line of Z-Connect VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephones, routers and gateways are now available through GUS Networks, Inc. an internationally recognized total solutions provider of Internet/Intranet products and services for electronic commerce and other critical business operations in and between the United States, European, and Asian business communities. ''There is a tremendous opportunity for systems integrators, such as GUS Networks, targeting the growing demand for VoIP products and services in the SOHO and SME markets, and Z-Connect delivers the ideal hardware and service solution for reducing telecommunications expenses,'' sai... (more)

Traders International(TM) Uses Unique Software, Live Online Coaching To Teach Secrets Of E-Mini Trading

HOUSTON, Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Ever since the introduction in the late 90's of E-mini trading in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100, individual investors have had the opportunity to trade stock market index futures electronically via the Internet on a real-time basis, without the need for pit or floor broker involvement. This landmark innovation has presented incredible opportunity for active traders who know how to take advantage of E-minis' unique traits, particularly their high trading volume and constant price changes. By presenting a practical, comprehensive and effective method to learn and master E-mini trading, Traders International has emerged as the leader in this lucrative investment field. Traders International uniquely offers a proprietary chart-based educational product called TIMES, combined with step- by-step, progressive learning from live online instructo... (more)

Loudeye nombra presidente y consejero delegado al veterano en tecnología Michael Brochu

SEATTLE, February 1 /PRNewswire/ -- - La compañía espera superar la previsión de beneficios para el cuarto trimestre de 2004 con una cifra récord Loudeye Corp. (Nasdaq: LOUD), líder mundial en soluciones de medios digitales para empresas, ha anunciado hoy que el consejo de administración ha nombrado presidente y consejero delegado de Loudeye a Michael A. Brochu. Brochu sucederá a Jeffrey M. Cavins, que ha dimitido para seguir otras oportunidades. Además, Loudeye anuncia que espera superar sus expectativas de beneficios para el cuarto trimestre de 2004 y que la pérdida neta según los principios de contabilidad comúnmente aceptados rondará la cifra estimada en las previsiones. Nombramiento de Michael Brochu como presidente y consejero delegado Brochu, de 51 años, tiene más de 20 años de experiencia en distintos puestos de gestión, como ejecutivo senior y director de c... (more)

Search Engine Optimization Launches Revolutionary and Innovative Medallion Partner Program for Ad Agencies, Web Developers and Marketing Firms

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Inc., a privately held company in the search engine optimization field, announced today that it is offering the very first authorized reseller program to be offered in the Search Engine Optimization industry. The Medallion Partner Program is aimed at advertising agencies, Web developers and marketing firms that want to extend a new service offering to customers and potential prospects with an exceptional SEO component. "Unlike other programs, which simply provide referrals or loose affiliations, the Medallion Partner Program is designed to be a significant and reoccurring revenue stream for our partners and exceptional SEO services for their customers," said Garry Grant, CEO of SEO. "Meanwhile, it will allow us as a company to create alliances with qualified and effective partners to market ... (more)